Sometimes I hold my breath
it bothers you because I am silent
as you voice insecurities in jest
you will never look like a poodle to me
even if you don’t believe that you’re beautiful
I suppose its better that way

Sometimes I hold my breath
because you’re a candle placed in front of me
and I need your light to dance for my future
making even the darkness seem friendly

Sometimes I hold my breath
just to savor the taste of your scent
like the essence of a fine wine
a vintner’s hermitage made specifically for me
and getting better with age

Sometimes I hold my breath
and look around trying to pause the moment
looking at you while I sit lackluster
just a lucky fool who became a sweepstakes winner
accepting every instant’s blessings of your company

Sometimes I hold my breath
only to let it out dramatically
so you can see that I’ve been doing it
baited, you’d ask me why
and happily I tell you that I do
“because I love you”
I don’t expect you to understand


As you walk through the mighty Redwoods
take a moment to listen for me
I’ve sent songbirds to remind you of the melody
to which we dance together in love

As you put out on the bay sailing
close your eyes and you will feel my touch
the warm sun emulating my ardor
like when I envelop you while we sleep
and gentle breezes to caress your hair out of your face

On those strange city streets far away
imagine our initials vandalized and frozen
into the cement as we have it outside of your studio
and so I will show the matching tattoo on my heart here
forever emblazoned and branded yours

Time’s banks


My philosophy has always been
a self defining dictum for life
I know what I like and will pursue that
I know what I dislike and distance those

People and places, things and ideas
each into one box or the other
those on the fence remain in the unsorted section
until by calling, are relegated to their resting spot

Some say keeping things simple is crass
not allowing for platitudes and emotion
on the contrary, I say
it allots time for one box by dismissing
the refuse and stealing back hours for where they belong

I will linger an hour longer with a friend
burning long ashes on fine cigars
I will open another bottle with my beloved
because tomorrow may not permit such luxuries

Drama and discomfort, small talk and pleasantries
feigned smiles and faked bemusement
burn while warming my back from the incinerator
as I stride toward the bounty of life

I know who I am and will keep an open mind
as we sit by the river of time
the real me with those I’ve chosen
to share the real estate of these scarce banks of life