A full life


I normally write poems here, but I wanted to leave something said so that, should I be “called home”, there could be no ambiguity to this subject. I am currently 35-years-old, and in my eyes, I have lived a full life already. I look forward to what I’m trying to treat as my “second life” and the experiences and people that will fill what is to come.

What I want to write about here, though, is my “1st life”. I have been fortunate from the beginning. My parents still are together and supporting and loving my little brother and myself. That is a feat that is so uncommon these days, that it must be my base stock for the endowment of fortune in my life. With the stability that my family provides, I have been able to explore the world and expand my circle of loved ones. That is where I find my wealth.

I have lived in many neighborhoods and have traveled the world and country; more than most will in a lifetime. Along the way I have expanded my “family”. My best friends have given me the honors of being in their weddings, ranging in capacity from groomsman, best man and I even officiated one solid matrimonial ceremony (and am Godfather to the fruit of that love). It is humbling to be so loved by so many, with so little to give.

I write this today because the end of the year is drawing nye and I am reflecting on life’s ebbs and flows. This year has had its lion’s share of calamity, loss and injustice, both personal and collective. So there is a dilemma presented with that fact; what should be my focus? Loss or love?

I choose love. I give thanks to those that I share my life with and to those no longer with us that enriched my world. I am strengthened by the support and unfailing safety net provided. The acceptance of my flaws gives me hope to become better. The understanding of my sense of humor keeps me sane.

As my “family” grows, I just wanted to take a moment on a bullied pulpit to say thank you for the life I have, that would be nothing without you.




There are short stories 

And ones that go

On in memories 

I hope that you breach that gap

My heart can’t take much more

The threshold is small

But let’s risk it all

Hold my hand 

And run