Golden treasures


My simple black V-neck

Seems to attract your golden threads

Just friendly reminders of you

And so I value them as treasures

Appearing randomly in unexpected places

Like gems out of nowhere

You are an alchemist’s dream


Lunch al fresco


Temperatures bring may to February
Which lead us to an impromptu lunch al fresco
Steak au Poivre shared at a table for two

Unseasonably short dresses pass
Sparking only conversation on the weather
We are both with the one we wont for

Midday hidden stars smile down next to a full moon
Tap water takes on a strange vintage
My head swims in your presence

What makes all of the uncommon happenings colored in sunlight
Is that this day will pass like any other
And the only memento we will carry with us
Is that you were there and so was I

Many more Indian summer spells will be cast
Holiday trips to sandy beaches between winter storms
All will come and pass, like the unnoticed sailing clouds
Which pull the drawstrings uniting us more firmly together



How would a sailor live without the sea?
He is not a fish out of water
or a kite without wind
He would have a life silently waiting
a lunar pull of coronary waves
heartfelt urges and vacant enterprise
So I would be without you
my great expansive sea
everyday my soul swims in your fertilizing waves
germinating technicolor dreams of hope
hydroponically afloat on the airs of knowing you
Before my sails were truly filled
and a hard tack starboard showed me my North Star
under New York yellow skies, stars were only storybook characters
but you shined through the glare of billboard lights
allowing me to find my way to where I belong

my written word


My emotions sit like the lake
calm and serene, ever-present
the surface glare prevents deeper inspection
sunrays act as macho environs have taught
deflecting glimpses of the movement and life within

My dedication to write is mostly for you
since my father never taught me how to express myself
and you never believe me when I tell you that you look like heaven
so I put those stirrings to black and white type
for you to carry with you when I don’t know how to do better

I hope that the words we share never lose their backing
like tender no longer based in gold holdings
let us forever be rich in words of meaning
from the ones shared in parting or in moments of reaffirmation
so when “I love yous” are found in empty pockets
there may be reason to rejoice

Sometimes I hold my breath
it bothers you because I am silent
as you voice insecurities in jest
you will never look like a poodle to me
even if you don’t believe that you’re beautiful
I suppose its better that way

Sometimes I hold my breath
because you’re a candle placed in front of me
and I need your light to dance for my future
making even the darkness seem friendly

Sometimes I hold my breath
just to savor the taste of your scent
like the essence of a fine wine
a vintner’s hermitage made specifically for me
and getting better with age

Sometimes I hold my breath
and look around trying to pause the moment
looking at you while I sit lackluster
just a lucky fool who became a sweepstakes winner
accepting every instant’s blessings of your company

Sometimes I hold my breath
only to let it out dramatically
so you can see that I’ve been doing it
baited, you’d ask me why
and happily I tell you that I do
“because I love you”
I don’t expect you to understand

Time’s banks


My philosophy has always been
a self defining dictum for life
I know what I like and will pursue that
I know what I dislike and distance those

People and places, things and ideas
each into one box or the other
those on the fence remain in the unsorted section
until by calling, are relegated to their resting spot

Some say keeping things simple is crass
not allowing for platitudes and emotion
on the contrary, I say
it allots time for one box by dismissing
the refuse and stealing back hours for where they belong

I will linger an hour longer with a friend
burning long ashes on fine cigars
I will open another bottle with my beloved
because tomorrow may not permit such luxuries

Drama and discomfort, small talk and pleasantries
feigned smiles and faked bemusement
burn while warming my back from the incinerator
as I stride toward the bounty of life

I know who I am and will keep an open mind
as we sit by the river of time
the real me with those I’ve chosen
to share the real estate of these scarce banks of life

turn back time


an old song once told
never make a pretty woman your wife
but I knew better, even then
awkward in metamorphosis
time had showed me a clearer picture

raised in ideal circumstances
yet far from perfect, I understood
“happy” and “good for you” are relative
a nature vs. nurture battle royal
was fertile paradise for thought

momma never told me there’d be days like this
because she saw it in my eyes
that I already understood
she only offered a helping hand

now, a man years away from wet dreams
I still wish for regression
seeing tomorrow before it happens
sometimes makes me want to bend time

imperfect in all of my ways
I found her, accepting my open flaws
beauty of my childhood dreams
and yet, she doesn’t know it

with her, time has begun to let me catch up
life seems in the right place and epoch
I am whole and can begin to decompress
a Blessing every man should receive

I love you


I love you like fresh toasted bread does warm butter

I love you in the mornings, before you realize I do

I love you in the afternoons when we sit in silence

I love you because even on rainy days you want to play outside

I love you like you get excited for miniature things

I love you in the evenings, before and after a cold beer

I love you from recesses that you made me find

I love you with words that will forever escape me

I love you when you steal food from my plate

I love you with the need of an Oreo cookie has for the cream filling

I love you, eternally, with every new dawn and seaside dusk

I love you



You’re not here yet
but I bought you flowers
they’re cut and set in water
arranged with love
the vase turned just right
so that you can see the best side

I got you these not for your reaction
as you can see, they were not presented
they are here to remind you of me
since I can’t always be here to tell you

I call upon the vibrant colors
to be the incantation of my love
from the dull Easter pastel purple/yellow tulips
that whisper in sleepy voices
to the tenacious Gerber daisies
that pursue you as they helped me to you
in very beginning of our story

You’ll thank me for them and call me sweet
but if I could fill the room with petals
so that when you opened the door
a wave of soft caresses would assault you
then you would know how I feel daily
lucky to be loved by a good woman

love in jeopardy


I’ve not been up this high before
there is a net to catch me
all of the practice at one foot
could not prepare me for this
the first unsteady foot wobble
sends the static line into limbo
cold sweat and panic sprout
vertigo taking its toll on concentration
one step at a time
one foot in front of the other
in time, I will make it across
not all are as lucky
not all are brave enough to try
at least I have lived that much
my life, my tight rope, my love