Time’s banks


My philosophy has always been
a self defining dictum for life
I know what I like and will pursue that
I know what I dislike and distance those

People and places, things and ideas
each into one box or the other
those on the fence remain in the unsorted section
until by calling, are relegated to their resting spot

Some say keeping things simple is crass
not allowing for platitudes and emotion
on the contrary, I say
it allots time for one box by dismissing
the refuse and stealing back hours for where they belong

I will linger an hour longer with a friend
burning long ashes on fine cigars
I will open another bottle with my beloved
because tomorrow may not permit such luxuries

Drama and discomfort, small talk and pleasantries
feigned smiles and faked bemusement
burn while warming my back from the incinerator
as I stride toward the bounty of life

I know who I am and will keep an open mind
as we sit by the river of time
the real me with those I’ve chosen
to share the real estate of these scarce banks of life


8 Responses to “Time’s banks”

  1. 1markt said

    very nice, in eloquence and statement, mateer of fact yet refined.

  2. okbobok said

    i like the empowerment you express here. thanks for posting!

  3. slpmartin said

    Well said…why waste time since there is so little of it.

  4. Ho!
    i join in. though i like to set my foot in old dirty water just to make sure i haven’t changed, be where your heart is – the rest is silly

    • Vic said

      Utopian Frags, I dislike drama. Just want to take it easy. I stay away from dirty water. Thanks for your comment.
      Martin, my thoughts precisely.
      Okbobok, Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.
      1markt, bedankt.

  5. Ji said


    The Celebrate Poet of April Honorable
    Mention Award
    two more on the bottom….
    Happy Tuesday!

  6. Ji said


    welcome to Thursday Poets Rally week 20,
    comment to let me know,
    post a poem in your blog,
    visit and comment for 12 participants,

  7. heartspell said

    concise like your choices. well put. Hweartspell

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