Lie patiently little bean
The Master will come for you
When it is time, He will come
For you to fulfill your purpose

Lie patiently and save your strength
Amass the knowledge you will need for your journey
Learn the skills you will be asked to perform
Repeat them in your pod
Your time will come

Lie patiently for winters always pass
Spring is immanent just as they were for other sprouts
Who climbed up trellises reaching skyward
Shoots and pods playing in the wind
Waiting to further embrace their destiny

Lie patient, now, little bean
So that you learn to pause
Then when the flowers are near
Or the rain shakes your pods loose
You can let the moments in

So then when you have grown to be patient
And the reasons of why are more than passing words
The lessons beyond your ability to grow any more
Then you can pass on these words
To pods of little beans waiting to see the Summer sun
And bask in days of your yield and of theirs to come

*thanks Elaine