life cycle


youth paints a sapling green
flexible in winds that look to snap static ties
East to North, then South and back East
leaves twice as large fall and blow past
supple grounds hold roots won’t give way
torrents feed growth that is otherwise excessive
protective bark begins to form

calluses forming a supporting base bark
twigs start to reach towards new goals
the first fruit forms, infertile nut decays unnoticed
seasons change the simple buds to foliage
teenage branch adornments of flowers

next year’s summer offers more promising results
seeds have taken root, but are quickly eaten
twigs turned to branches, supporting a new nest
texture now forms at the trunk’s anchor

low-lying broken branch healed on winter’s thaw
squirrels and birds now community neighbors
new found safety in out-of reach, steady branches
germinating youth spawned by productive fruit
autumn’s harvesting could not stop expansion

slowed growth in dormant winter status
never imagined a fruitless harvest
sap runs slow and new buds are hard to sprout
rope swing held by static strength
only time will now tell if the snow will recede


testament of love


stranded on a coconut filled cay
tattered, salt-hardened scratchy clothes
alone with a picture of you
I will survive

my skin is burned raw
the sea grapes created soup in my gut
I sat on a sea urchin
but when I look at you
that all goes away

In conversing with the gulls
they’ve started to respond
my mind makes mirages
ships, airplanes and saddled dolphins
at least I have the picture of you

If I should die waiting for rescue under this tree
and you are reading my note
scratched into the bark
please find this woman
and tell her I died waiting to love her
without her I would not have made it so far

hang over, hang over, why won’t you blow over
there is a band in my head, next to a wrecking crew
I sound like a I swallowed a frog, like Sesame Street’s Grover
my credit card is missing and there’s vomit on my shoe

the beginning of the night was all sorts of fun
now, my eyes are blood shot and I reek of booze
I’ve lost memory of everything after the shots were done
boy was I wrong when I thought I had nothing to lose

retracing my steps would prove quite the task
credit card receipts in my pocket showing various bars
my friends are passed out around me, leaving noone to ask
clues of wrist bands and stamps of smiley faces and stars

remorse leads to vows of never drinking again
why must I do this to my poor innocent liver
who knows what this does to my little used brain
my nerves are all shot, I can’t stop the shivers

reaching for my phone I discover drunk dials
fifteen minute conversations and plenty of short ones
texting people I hadn’t spoken to in a while
the camera phone has pictures of some strange girls buns

at least with these clues I can finally answer
where I ended the night in the finest condition
snapshot of the bartender setting up shot and chaser
I remember him telling me not to, next time I’ll listen



oil spilled veins
toxic venting pores
dammed up brainwaves
bellman eyes carry heavy bags
volcanic acid innards
sectional area blackout
medicinal elixirs

as there is rain, too there will be sun
we live with weather, but move to climates
there are places where it is always summer
changing seasons offer a colorful variety
it is our decision where we lay our heads

rocky rapids smooth to calm river bends
brackish deltas feed the ocean from glacial run-off
waxing and waning waves rock a slow beat
calming cascades murmur steady static
silent streams offer placid movement
it is our decision by which we lay our heads

quiet country ranch, with no neighbors to be seen
west village chaos, rowdy strangers outside the apartment
there is solace in the solitude of wide expanses
friends are never far in the concrete jungle
it is our decision where we lay our heads

tumultuous relationship, bickering, make-up sex
compatible companions relaxing with one another
screaming and tears or quiet cuddling repose
it is our decision next to who we lay our heads

there are rapids ahead in every quiet river
thunderstorms even in the desert
fights occur between the best of friends
a moment’s loss does not erase all gains
in the end, we choose where we lay our heads

Fat guy running


sprung into Spring decision, calisthenics
it’s two days later and my legs are still whining
forcing breaths, heart about to explode
an uphill battle, for a rest my body was pining
retied my shoe, any excuse for a momentary break
I forced myself to keep going, despite the discomfort
next time we’ll do a less than four mile round lake
there are no short-cuts, no retreat, no return
only the road ahead, a fair fight at my own pace
one step at a time, my calves felt the burn
the sweat poured, phlegm collecting, no fountain for respite
continuing forward trying to keep focus
the end had to be near, though not yet in sight
distracting myself reading the lake home names
around another bend, up and down undulating road
no more suffering or trick-my-mind games
I finally see the distinctive sign for the house



it has been long since our first kiss
days turned into weeks, then suddenly years
your presence makes the world grow
the butterflies still dance from the first
defying lifespan, they flutter around in excitement
morning puffy-eyed yelps, like a kitten’s call
they stir my soul, jump-start my day, my first jolt
superfluous first cup of java, sweet but unconnected
with my nose to the nape of your neck
the last fix before beginning my distanced day
you are my Rome, all roads lead back to you
I do not live for you, but am revived
give me days at your side and I’ll share my happiness
more tomorrows with mornings near you
stretching the lives of winged magic further
from the first stolen kiss to the forever next

Chipmunk’s manic in foraging
Something’s scurrying under the chair
jump to the cup for nuts and seeds
the birds are greedily making a mess
Phoebes and Finches, friends and family
cooler full of adult libations
casting for the sake of standing by the shore
resting on the dock, kicking the cool lake
a few gnats and mosquitoes at bay
all worth the campfire smell on my clothes
looking forward to the Bison burgers off the grill
Baby’s in the hammock swaying away her cares
flip-flops and t-shirt, the memorial day uniform
card games and kayaking, the day’s main activities
only a bountiful lunch bisects the afternoon
a solemn and pensive moment on the day’s freedom
back to life outside of the office

adventures in labyrinths with growing boundaries
mythical creatures of both gay and malevolent natures roam
will it be Icarus around the next bend, waxing escape plans
or will fearfully cornered by a rampaging minotaur
walking while pegasus fly overhead, wood nymphs and fairies scamper about
laborious day, no end in sight, only memories of the world outside

wandering one day, there was the mysterious doorway
curiosity cheated reason, winning the tug-of-war with prudence
after very few steps, one or two turns, utter confusion, no escape
it has been long since seeing expanses of open ground
walls lead and misguide, impenetrably blocking straight ways
the only bit of normalcy spattered stars on a black canvas of night

heavens once were a tool in navigation, from the crow’s nest of a ship
now they dance taunts with timelessly familiar limericks from youth
time is irrelevant where there is sun and moon, but always the road
sleep when fatigue creeps into each muscle, resting to continue
hope is muted in melancholy as each turn brings more of the same
no matter how fantastic and exciting, with time one longs for home
questions of the existence of the goblins, ghouls and griffins now answered
replaced with the once colloquial thoughts of family and friends
longingly envisioning the course of their lives played out in dreamland

life presents decisions which funnels it’s course, sometimes permanently
while regretting turns, retracing steps or going straight, what’s underfoot goes unnoticed
though more exotic experiences may have been forewent for this
tomorrow the choices of yesterday may prove more rewarding
therein lies the hope of continuing step beyond step on the journey
pack light, ready to move and remember the lessons learned
for when energy fails in stable legs there are only etchings of the past
dreams of what is to come will fuel an empty belly when more is lacking
continue moving, sedentary life leaves little ahead and less behind
perhaps one day soon another door will present itself to a better adventure

Mid-summer Bourbon


summertime is said to be of a different color
no more dark browns or deep reds to warm you
no, they send you in search of another lover
but for bourbon whiskey none stand in lieu

I want my single-barrel, mid-summer mash, all summer long
Bourbon, when spring rears its head, no, I won’t do you wrong
I’ll be waiting for Kentucky to to send me her best
If I ask for a rum, gin or vodka, know it’s only in jest

when fall comes around, and the cold starts to nip
give thanks to the oak trees who’ll be fired out
just reach for the bottle and swig a big sip
the sweet charred cask flavor will dance in your mouth

I want my single-barrel, mid-summer mash, all summer long
Bourbon, when spring rears its head, no, I won’t do you wrong
I’ll be waiting for Kentucky to to send me her best
If I ask for a rum, gin or vodka, know it’s only in jest