my shadow haunts me, even at night
mirrored imperfections painted black
analogous movements in sync
evil is always lurking behind my back

kindred spirits are we, he and I
ill fated twins, never to be separated
while the sun will forever shine on me
his face to light would leave him decapitated

a lifetime he will follow me
and so it has to be
for the rest of my days
I will have a reminder of a darker me

so when at night I sit surrounded in black
where the menace hides in spreading territory
I will move closer to the light
like a moth in its own purgatory


American Sisyphus


Tasked to trek on
no matter at what costs
we face today

We are a people
searching for good governance
the oxymoron of mankind

Corrupting power and greed
leave the populous unrepresented
by their elected officials

We have been tasked to trek on
until finding the promised land
of a government for the people, by the people

No matter how many failed attempts
through Jim Crow or Bipartisan squalls
we have been tasked to trek on
until the heavy rock of power is well in place

turn back time


an old song once told
never make a pretty woman your wife
but I knew better, even then
awkward in metamorphosis
time had showed me a clearer picture

raised in ideal circumstances
yet far from perfect, I understood
“happy” and “good for you” are relative
a nature vs. nurture battle royal
was fertile paradise for thought

momma never told me there’d be days like this
because she saw it in my eyes
that I already understood
she only offered a helping hand

now, a man years away from wet dreams
I still wish for regression
seeing tomorrow before it happens
sometimes makes me want to bend time

imperfect in all of my ways
I found her, accepting my open flaws
beauty of my childhood dreams
and yet, she doesn’t know it

with her, time has begun to let me catch up
life seems in the right place and epoch
I am whole and can begin to decompress
a Blessing every man should receive

the Orchid


What a flower I have found
high up in this tree
nestled where the moisture collects
the crook of an Amazonian tree limb
high above the ground

Most would weed away the lichen
exposing the naked Orchid
concentric circles of soft color
penetrating the chasm of the eye

I am happy to have found this rare specimen
flower among jungle flowers
in the most unexpected of places
will name it my own

my Summer


new leaves form outside our window
Granny Smith green and dove white flowers
the sun illuminates them in a golden butter glaze

our windowsill has our little children
waiting for their mom to come home
without you they’re just flowers

Summer took a vacation, too
having skipped Spring
only to get back in line
I think it heard you were leaving
and went to Florida with you

terra firma


I’ve seen the jagged rocks
I’ve imagined the fall
pictured my broken self
bleeding and unreachable
helplessly abandoned
waiting for the cold to win

I didn’t fall
stayed on the safe side of the guardrail
with a blink of what could have been
a fresh set of eyes
looking fast to a future
on firm grounds
and plotted pathways

the apothecary


My hair is still stuck in pillowform
almost three in the afternoon
life oozing like maple sap
bitter-sweet drooling before work
that cooks my time before taps
of bitters, ales and lagers
feigned care for more important things
that is where I find my friends
gathered around seemingly eternal springs

I will shower and my hair will settle
just as my life has, modestly
there will be a poof and strays
just as my life has, unimportantly
but it goes on and that matters

Tonight I will serve the public
lovingjoy and medicine for their ails
a moment’s repose from persistent fevers
that which life gives aboundingly to all
I will open the oasis to stragglers
looking for friends or distractions

For now, I waste away the morning
as evening beckons my craft
come all thirsty souls
let the yeast show us signs of good omens
and the hops be bearers of hope

Clanging and huffing the beasts new we were coming
twenty-something-year-old men “sploring”
even if it is down the same well-worn path
they’d seen in all four seasons
it was a trip from the urban confines of their world

Stopping to take pictures beside large up-rooted trees
dwarfed by the contrast in the diametric size
this is a new marker in the trail to remember
like so many others along the path to their lean-to

The woods are superior stands as their motto
a group of friends who have bested and have been bested
but always bow to the power of Mother Nature
having never fended off bears or wolf packs
like they tell their friends who have never packed in

Two foot deep snows, bitter cold and miserable rains
those were some obstacles faced and
the biggest vermin to contend with were foraging chipmunks
stealing GORP like mosquitoes steal blood

But for the most part it was knife throwing and fire building
deep woods quiet and deep woods symphony
pine trees shook like maracas
as spruces rubbed together with violin vibrato
crickets and owls and then there was the fire

That would come later, as they marched two by two
gear tied to external packs swinging noisily
the excitement of even a day off concrete paths
grew like springtime flowers as they carried along
until they reached their campsite home

I love you


I love you like fresh toasted bread does warm butter

I love you in the mornings, before you realize I do

I love you in the afternoons when we sit in silence

I love you because even on rainy days you want to play outside

I love you like you get excited for miniature things

I love you in the evenings, before and after a cold beer

I love you from recesses that you made me find

I love you with words that will forever escape me

I love you when you steal food from my plate

I love you with the need of an Oreo cookie has for the cream filling

I love you, eternally, with every new dawn and seaside dusk

I love you



Standing on board
my leg was swept into the mix
the tied anchor now my slow defeat
an ankle caught, overboard
dying in the contentment of my labor

The icy waters surround me
a refreshing, breathtaking punch
to the laborious momentum of before

Now as fear and pain subside
and the darkness grows thicker
light deciding not to reach to these depths
new hope springs

As I give myself to the deep
a fresh placenta breaks
wetting a new being into existence
breaking the mold of a past life

Thinking quickly I unwrap my leg
a breath of air fills my lungs
an adaptation has occurred
transformation due to love

Love of life is my everlasting calling
life with gills or without
a chameleon for each environment
static life is that of prey

Now I’ll swim back on board
I’ll live among you with no worries
accepting your comments and ignorance
I was one of you once before

My friends will stay, tried and true
and others will point and stare
I survived and made it count
that’s why I won’t ever care