I am a simpleton

This I know

You are above my class

This too, I know

But, in this state

I have the advantage

Being that

You love me too+


Be close to me


They say distance makes the heart grow fonder

But when your breath is on my neck

I have you wrapped closely

My heart does not wont

Do not linger, nor tarry

Unless by my side

Be hasty in your return

For my heart longs for you

Please come back to me

Your joy is infectious

Missing you is like the blankets torn away on a cold morning

I want you in your nook

My oasis


There are things that I cannot change

The broken shards of life that sting

Like nettles around my heart

Infecting my attitude

Reflected in my prickly disposition

You are my desert flower

Bountiful beacon of beauty

In less-than-friendly environs

The sweet pear fruit of the cactus

I find my sustenance in your eyes

You water my soul and revitalize it

From a natural spring of goodness

My splinters glom over in your dew

I hope to wear an amber coat

To shield from future fractition

In the wind


When the wind whispers

I hear many things

Mostly, I relive the past

Those sotto voce notes that hide

But when the wind whispers

You envelop me

I feel tomorrow, now

In your smile I find fate

The whispers in the dark

Are the same as in the light

So no matter what happens at night

I have your whispers

In the wind you find me

There I find my peace

Because my heart listens

When you whisper into the wind



Your eyes can be better

Than cloudless blue skies

On mornings waking next to you

Half-awake and comatose

I force myself

To at least one open eye

As the Sandman hangs heavy

To see the fortunate peek

I am blissfully afforded

Into heaven

Golden treasures


My simple black V-neck

Seems to attract your golden threads

Just friendly reminders of you

And so I value them as treasures

Appearing randomly in unexpected places

Like gems out of nowhere

You are an alchemist’s dream

free fall


I was pushed out

the ripcord failed

the safety denied hope

suspended like a particle in a bog

here I fall slowly towards my fate

to rest among the other debris

forgotten decomposing leaf

or am I frog feces

either way, I will be indistinguishable

forced out to lay among the mire

when I come to, it will feel like terminal velocity stopped

by jagged rocks or perhaps a metal rod

until then I fly alone in free fall

looking at my unfortunate fate


Not a moment passes that I am not reminded of you
A news story or a benign song on the radio
Make me recall our many good times
Each time the stitches of my severed heart are torn out
Causing your absence to be newly relived

I am told there will be a time when that won’t happen
That sanity is far away and unwanted
This pain is the last that remains of you in my life
And if that’s all I get, let me cling to it a while longer
It will be like your sweet perfume lingering on my clothes

My body is rejecting your loss
I cannot eat or sleep, defying the reason of life
Time floats by in consistent ticks of the clock
But I am frozen in that moment when it became a reality
The shock is paralyzing to my core

That debilitating stagnation is all I have
And when it goes away, I’m afraid of the void
Will I implode or explode?
I suppose these are worries for another time

Before the court


The jury is out and my judgement carried with them
I cannot go back the way I came
Will I be accompanied or escorted to the door?
Behind both options of enlaced arms writhes uncertainty

The Judge awaits, too, the decision on His jester
He has seen me before His court in many capacities
Today, as lowly as a humbled man can fall
I am assured that Justice will be served

My days have taught me little of Justice
A blindfolded damsel wielding a broadsword liberally
It seems as though Her blade only maimes but never capitulates

Let them eat cake.

Shell of life


My grandmother used to sprinkle egg shells in her garden
Composting in her own way
Giving back to her little patch

Today I feel broken
Shattered and questioning myself
Decartian decomposition of my own shell

Behind the shroud of the mirror
In my brokenness waits one solitary hope
That I may fertilize the beautiful garden around me, too