How would a sailor live without the sea?
He is not a fish out of water
or a kite without wind
He would have a life silently waiting
a lunar pull of coronary waves
heartfelt urges and vacant enterprise
So I would be without you
my great expansive sea
everyday my soul swims in your fertilizing waves
germinating technicolor dreams of hope
hydroponically afloat on the airs of knowing you
Before my sails were truly filled
and a hard tack starboard showed me my North Star
under New York yellow skies, stars were only storybook characters
but you shined through the glare of billboard lights
allowing me to find my way to where I belong

my written word


My emotions sit like the lake
calm and serene, ever-present
the surface glare prevents deeper inspection
sunrays act as macho environs have taught
deflecting glimpses of the movement and life within

My dedication to write is mostly for you
since my father never taught me how to express myself
and you never believe me when I tell you that you look like heaven
so I put those stirrings to black and white type
for you to carry with you when I don’t know how to do better

I hope that the words we share never lose their backing
like tender no longer based in gold holdings
let us forever be rich in words of meaning
from the ones shared in parting or in moments of reaffirmation
so when “I love yous” are found in empty pockets
there may be reason to rejoice