What vile creatures hatch in the night
Shirking the sun, rousing as the world innocently slumbers
Things of horror stories that scare kids straight
Slithering scavenging carnivores

Shake out your boots on the morning
Look before you reach into the unknown
And always be aware of what is about your flanks

Because the moment your attention wanes
Or you nod off leaving yourself exposed
That is when the cowards creep in silently

you will wake to find beady eyes beholding your flesh
Your reaction will not be in time
The slight of hand has woven their venom into your veins
Toothless vipers relying on the element of surprise

So take heed noble warriors of the light
Keep up your guard against the darkness
Stack high your firewood and have torches at hand
For only when they can approach under the cover of dark do they come
Make it plain to see that their nefarious affairs are thwarted there
Then and only then will you be safe


Lunch al fresco


Temperatures bring may to February
Which lead us to an impromptu lunch al fresco
Steak au Poivre shared at a table for two

Unseasonably short dresses pass
Sparking only conversation on the weather
We are both with the one we wont for

Midday hidden stars smile down next to a full moon
Tap water takes on a strange vintage
My head swims in your presence

What makes all of the uncommon happenings colored in sunlight
Is that this day will pass like any other
And the only memento we will carry with us
Is that you were there and so was I

Many more Indian summer spells will be cast
Holiday trips to sandy beaches between winter storms
All will come and pass, like the unnoticed sailing clouds
Which pull the drawstrings uniting us more firmly together



I am a bear
A clumsy oaf
Sadly incompetent of delicacy

I’ll break your glassware
And most certainly disappoint
Because I am a bear

My words seem foreign
Never understood as intended
Idiomatic eccentricities
Fluency trumped by foolishness

Come see me as I am
A bear and nothing more
Marvel at me as you pass on by
A bear and nothing more