Vic Kondratas

Hello and thank you for stopping by to read some of my humble words.

About my writing: Most of the poetry you see here is a “one write” work, which simply means there was little to no editing done to the pieces you see posted. It is the pure mark of my muse at that moment. Sometimes I force myself to write; sometimes I am compelled to do so.

About me: I was born and raised in and currently inhabit New York City, as I have for the greater part of my 30 years.

Please enjoy my poetry and leave me a comment with your thoughts.

My work is my own. Share it. Don’t steal it. Thank you for stopping by.


15 Responses to “About”

  1. sandy said

    I just started reading your poetry. I like it – I like it!

  2. Pam said

    Thanks for visiting my poetry blog. I followed you back and really enjoyed reading your work. I have linked to you on my blog, Amputated Moon.

  3. David said

    Vic I am loving your poetry. Keep it up buddy. A new zine is in the works. Send me a few new ones you really like and I will publish.

    • Vic said

      Thanks, Dave. Let me know how the digital version is coming too. I’ll pick a few or you can select some of your “favorites” and I’ll happily oblige. Thanks for your support!

  4. ninaspink said

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

    I followed back to yours and am enjoying your poetry. “Old Oak” I like very much.

    I was surprised that someone had found my poems but touched and quietly excited. It’s like sharing a secret.Ha.

  5. karen said

    Vic – (the name of my father, brother, and grandson, by the way) – My poetry is my secret bauble that I take out and examine, turning it in my hands, letting the light glint from its surface, blinding me to the mundane day-to-day aspects of life. Like you, I do it because I must have this release.


    • Vic said

      I’m Vic II and know many more too šŸ™‚

      Thanks for stopping by Karen. Much appreciated your works. Check out my links.

  6. rev.roger mason said

    the following is a copy of the message i have been sending to funding organizations ,,,,, if you have any input on composition or if you know a good place to forward it ,,, please do so ,,,,,

    From: Roger Mason
    > Subject: haiti
    > To:
    > Cc:,,, “Linda Barnes” ,,,,,
    > Date: Monday, January 18, 2010, 9:20 PM
    > hello haiti responce at imb dot
    > org ,,,,,,
    > i am Reverend L. Roger Mason ,,,,, i am
    > writing in reference to a link through Reverend Phillip
    > Steadmen who received your address from Dr. Jim Guether
    > ,,,,,
    > ever since i first heard the news on the
    > radio i have had a strong compulsion to fly to haiti to
    > offer assistance in any capacity i can ,,,,,,, as each day
    > passes i feel pressed harder against the impulse to fly
    > ,,,,,, i feel the lord has granted me the skills necessary
    > to be of value on the ground in haiti ,,,,,,
    > as a young man i trained in the U.S. Navy
    > as a hospital corpsman {medic} ,,,,, i served with
    > recon marines in the special operatiopns group ,,,,,, i
    > learned emergency medicine ,,,,,, i later studied as an EMT
    > ,,,,, i have very good emergency medical skills ,,,,, post
    > navy i sailed in the U.S. Merchant Marine as a medical
    > officer while attaining a Master Mariners endorsment for
    > Steam, Motor, Auxiliary Sail, and Sailing Vessels Upon Any
    > Oceans ,,,,,,, i have proven leadership skills ,,,,,, in
    > addition i have uncommon abilities which could prove usefull
    > in emergency environments ,,,,, i am a Pilot rated single
    > engine land with over six hundred hours checked in many
    > different aircraft types ,,,,,, i have firefighting and
    > damage control training including ingress into lethal
    > envirnments with air pack apparatus , i am scuba rated and
    > experenced with deep dive long term exposure at the scripps
    > underwater habitat in st croix U.S.
    > Virgin Islands , i have extensive sailing and local
    > knowledge of the old bahama passage and the island chains
    > extending as far as Grenada, i have experence in the
    > operations of heavy equipment and construction i
    > participated in the construction of the port expansion in St
    > Croix as well as commercial and residenttial projects in the
    > islands,
    > not only am i prepared to assist in
    > first responder medical capacity in a clinical environment
    > but i am pleased to follow the expansion of the food and
    > water distrbution network as it expands out of the city of
    > port au prince with medical aid to the general rural
    > population ,,,,, in this capacity i have posted a notice on
    > a message board for volunteers linked through the USAID web
    > site ,,,, i am including a copy for your information
    > ,,,,,,
    > copy of message board posting …….
    > hello everyone,
    > reply to ,,,,,
    > ,,,,,, 603-865-7465
    > cc ,,,,,,
    > ,,,,,, 518-686-9983
    > it is heart warming to see so many
    > people with the desire to offer their time and skills to
    > help our brothers and sisters in need.
    > we are planning to assemble a team
    > to travel to haiti in the near future. tenetivly the first
    > of february. sooner if possible.
    > medical professionals are prefered,
    > medical skills are in dire need. doctors, P.A.s, nurses,
    > EMTs, LNAs, CNAs, are a primary need. those interested in
    > providing medical care please respond as soon as possible,
    > every moment that passes hope diminishes for some one. those
    > able to provide their own travel expenses will receive first
    > consideration as we hav e only begun to research grants and
    > donations for this effort. expect to live rough, bring a
    > sleeping bag, rain gear, and toilet paper. those able to
    > commit to an extended stay are prefered, though any
    > contribution will be considered.
    > psychologist, counselers, clergy,
    > will be needed, any and all to bring relief to the crushing
    > sorrow of this tragic experence. individuals with such
    > skills should be prepared to remain for in haiti for an
    > extended stay ,,,,,,
    > those with skills in infrastructure
    > should be in demand as the critical medical necessaties are
    > addressed. restoring water, electricity and communications
    > firstly, restoring roads and fuel distribution to bring a
    > sembalance of normality.
    > many of you have valuable skills
    > and qualities in great demand. please post your contact
    > information in plain sight, make your links promenant as
    > many of the links are weak. time is of the essence and every
    > moment that passes we lose the opportunity to help those in
    > need. there is strength in numbers. we wish to gather those
    > that can help as quickly as possible.
    > direct replies to me ,,,, Rev. L.
    > Roger Mason ,,, email ,,,,
    > ,,,,,,, 603-865-7465
    > cc ,,,,, Rev. Phillip Steadman ,,,,
    > email
    > ,,,,,,, 518-686-9983
    > it is skills we desire and the
    > ability to provide for those in need
    > sincerely,
    > Rev. L. Roger Mason
    > from this posting i have been
    > contacted by several groups of individuals who wish to
    > volunteer their time and skills ,,,,, one group of doctors
    > and nurses has reserved a jet blue flight into santo domingo
    > and will attempt the difficult journey over the mountains
    > and through the border bottleneck ,,,,,,, in the mean time i
    > have cc’d every one that has contacted me through the
    > USAID posting which has only been online for eight hours
    > ,,,,, i am expecting to assemble a far larger group of
    > candiates over the next several days,,,,,, since the latest
    > reports are of delays at the border of 48 hours or more it
    > is my hope we will not arrive substantially later than those
    > using the santo domingo route ,,,, it is my hope that
    > commercial flights will resume late this week directly into
    > port au prince ,,,,,,,
    > it is my hope that you can provide
    > either funding assistance via capstone church and Rev.
    > Steadman or arrainge an intoduction to other groups that may
    > absorb us into their own effort ,,,,,,, i feel the lord has
    > lead me this day to make it possible to gather a group of
    > volunteers ,,,,,, the contacts are coming and i feel that my
    > words are flowing with out effort ,,,,,,, yet if it
    > is the lords will that i go alone ,,,,, then i go
    > solo ,,,, i am perfectly willing and content to follow that
    > path ,,,,,,, and if it is within your power to provide any
    > assistance then i pray the lord burdens your heart with the
    > desire to do so ,,,,,,, we who are committed to go ask only
    > your good will and helping hand over the hurdles before us
    > ,,,,,, let the lords will be done ,,,,,
    > respecfully,
    > Rev. L:. Roger Mason

  7. Hello Vic,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. I followed your link back to your blog and have been enjoying myself reading your writing.



  8. starkravinglefty said

    Your poetry is beautiful – some lovely imagery there šŸ™‚ I don’t often comment on blogs, but keep writing! And thanks for Blogrolling me too šŸ™‚

  9. I usually write without much editing too. I call it “bubbling out.” Thanks for sharing. šŸ™‚

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