My steed was tired
we’ve been on the run
the horizon proved the law was close
a dust cloud rose that wanted my guns

the border was a two day ride
and the way unforgiving
water and rations running low
this, a small price to pay for living

the sheriff and his men also would have to brave
these treacherous desert ravines
and their rations were hastily put together
so they’d be soon shaking out their canteens

I ride through the night
they can’t track what they can’t see
perhaps I can throw them off
forsaking my course to the South, now headed East

after a few hours in this new direction
I found the mouth to a cave
offering the appearance of protection
and now much needed rest

taking a bottle from my pack
drained the last gulps of whiskey
not that I needed the help
to have sleep engulf me

I woke to the thunder and
the horses scared brays
the storm would wash away tracks
had the Lord forgiven how far I’d strayed?

it seems I’d escaped the law’s pursuit
I could now safely head South
saddled up my ride
and lead him to the cave’s mouth

as I stepped into the rain
awe had me leg go of the reins
I had escaped the gallows
but the Lord now would ice my veins

as the flash flood’s waters
swept my feet from the ground
I knew I was getting what I deserved
the devil’s lasso on my soul pulling me hell bound


One Response to “desperado”

  1. wally426 said

    Nice piece, Puccolo, you have a way of putting your readers in a different time. Most importantly, you take them out of their offices for a while to gallivant with a deperado through the lonely desert. Thanks for the trip!

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