spell bound


Too young to know to stay away
his interest peeked with this find
a dusty book of spells and prayers
the teenage boy began to read

upon gathering some ingredients
and practicing the unfamiliar words
the young man was elated
to see the incantation come to life

having now proved his mastery
in simple powers of the art
he flipped to pages of greater potency
and began his studies of the tome

his friends began to to wonder
and his kin barely saw him
the changeling to his former self
he became contorted with intoxicating wealth

in the quiet recesses of the forest
he practiced vocalizing foreign sounds
summoning beasts both natural and not
conjuring experiences far past his age

when the dark beings would speak to him
molding his immature and fickle brain
he thought they were empowering
instead of morphing their apprentice

then one day he was discovered
as the sorcerer in learning
a stranger stumbled upon this magic
becoming witness to this craft

accepting knowledge from the ravens
making dryads of old trees
he only knew to hide his secret
spouting evil enchantment
to dispatch another’s innocent soul

now the darkness had more than influence
it had enacted a forceful evil
enslaving the young apprentice
having exchanged leverage for his greed

then others came looking
for the first who had gone missing
and they too became one with legend
swallowed up by the darkened forest

the battle of the young man’s conscience
began to show in spite of his new power
choosing to recluse himself
into the recesses of the wood

there his mind became his enemy
and the power impotent to further harm the world
he disappeared into a cave they say
where he makes himself pay eternally for his sins

no longer do people wander alone in those woods
nor do they look for the boy or his victims
it’s a chapter closed for good
from the book of evil incantations




what a strange elixir has been concocted
there is no eye of newt or scales from a sea serpant
nor are there fresh red rose petals or virgin’s blood
a simple airy potion with invisible ingredients
not a wisp of smoke or bubbling fizz of warning
no wonder it was easily slipped to me

my eyes went wide and palms got wet
a sanguine flush rouged my cheeks
clammy dew moistened my brow
stable knees went week
a poised mind turned to insobriety
the warrior lay humbled and bested

as years pass and the sword grows tarnished
hard belly grows fat and sharp instincts complacent
no regrets to this addiction
only retrospective happiness to wallow in
from your first kiss I was smitten
forever yours my clever witch
kiss me again to keep me drunk