sun’s advance


another morning licks
at the meringue frosting
that is the cracked paint
on the pre-war window sills
panes begrudgingly let in the light
through the tear stains of winter heavens
and too-cold-for-flies mesh screens

somehow the amber washes in
like it does on Baltic shores
priceless and ageless in waves
it rolls in over the radiator
onto tired furniture longing for retirement

the tenacity of the sun’s rebellion
against the early year’s barren defenses
warms the little seedling on the mantle
gives hope for the coming of new growth
as traitorous stalwarts start to bud
putting down their long solid limbs
blooming leaves cuddling with vernal love


lazy winter


my muscles had atrophied
their girth has dwindled away
but now the winter is gone
tilling time begs for my hand
as the cock crows in the dark
my sleepy brain functions
is remanded to only motor skills
it will soon thaw with exercise
the days will grow my strength
and protect me with calluses
allowing me to work to harvest
where then after I can again rest
fat and happily until the Spring

the bitter legion marches in
ageless, lethal and merciless
defeating Bonaparte and Hitler
masses tremble at its advances
like the earth underfoot of an army
in the wake of its passing
empty quiet and destruction
trees lay stripped and streets desolate
as people cower in their homes
seeking refuge from the onslaught
living off of provisions lain in shelters
waiting for winter’s soldiers to pass

a tug of war has begun
flags of autumn’s foliage wave
gains made and then lost
mud churned and solidified
crystals melt and star back
windows open and close
allowing the flow of the battle
to waft in like gunsmoke
exchanged for the sent
of rotting leaves
knowing white death comes
to summer’s gay deity
arbitrated by autumnal wait
serving the iron winter silence



Turgid day leads to putrid night
Overwhelming city noise lands chaotic
Unwelcome Summer breath steals Spring’s delicate grace
Sweltering sun rays fall like early cartoon anvils from the sky
No peace from this sweaty dance kept alive by the resounding whip’s crack
Dreams of escape haunt every moment’s respite
Nightmares poison restful slumber, taking away life’s sole sweetness

One day freedom erupts from out of nowhere
Gray skies replace the once humidity laden blue
Like death, hollowing cold winds begin to blow
Longing for the sun to shine through the tepid-gray bomb clouds
Not a morning bird’s chirp nor a gregarious laugh disrupts silence
Snow silences Fall’s rustling leaves and mutes all else
Now the dance gives life purpose, offering comforting company
A cozy embrace is all that remains of Summer’s passion

Alas seasons turn inevitably
the only thing worse is not reaching the next