how could we tell?
the external fruit was sound
showing vibrant colors
a youthful perk in his eyes
dressed of a carefree man
but there was a rot deep inside
a moldy soul began the decay
unnoticed and unattended
in need of immediate surgery

we got the news today
the inner rot had taken its course
sadness became madness
evil’s secret agent had it’s mark
the assassin struck with stealth
suppressing the cries for help
taking the villainous course at hand
allowing youth to fall to waste
and potential to fade into the grave
infiltration of the heart by an enemy
the hand of betrayal laid unseen


good timing


I sat there for an hour
my thoughts collapsing my skull
like heavy boots on rotting planks
the decision was simple
the cool metal on my skin was refreshing
perhaps that was a sign to do it
I am the captain on a sinking ship
the lifeboats are dispatched
only one thing left to do
your phone call made me stop
I traded the gun for the receiver