our bed


our bed is a contradiction
you say it’s loud like cotton balls
if that’s not enough under a muffling comforter
the dip brings us together, how I like it
you see a hole that chases dreams away
I don’t feel the dip, just you in my arms
my soft pillow of breathing warmth
keeping me alive, snug while I slumber


midnight homecoming


I came in with the high moon last night
an excited Clydesdale
laden with my luggage
you stirred from your slumber
and whimpered a hello
greeting my soul with its mate
fusion of instant peace and joy
homecoming relief of your eyes embrace
nuzzled into the cocoon of sheets
you waited and then more
I hope that in my clumsy way
it shows how you amplify my aura
being myself and shining
knowing that at the end of all roads
there is nesting time with you