Snow day


So I was right
to those who mocked me
dubbed me Peter Rabbit
shaking fingers at my state of mind
Now look!

The sky is falling!

There is cloud cover everywhere
covering branches
which then snap and fall on people
the ground is covered
deeper than children in some places

We must not have gotten to cloud 9
only the first layers of wretched astral planes
the ones we can easily see
and have passed through in planes

Funny enough it creates turbulence down here too.

Made of cold water, this is no paradise
freezing toes match my disposition
impotent and lame, I succumb to fate
et tu Blue sky? Then fall away


country sky


Last night I stood staring up
a strange glow lit up the sky
the fire was lame for the woods lay dark
yet the many suns burned in distant skies
dancing as the hearth beside me flickered
and making me humble on my terra firma
was there someone looking up at me?
was there something bigger than this?
thoughts danced as the smoke did
view of the black pocked with needleholes
weaved in and out from behind the smoke snake
a glow of stardust resembled the rising ash
conversation and sounds in the woods
brought me back to more mundane wavelengths
leaving the heavens to peer at me again
the everpresent voyeurs of my life



Where did they come from?
Gargantuan creatures dance overhead
Yielding a magic as powerful as to change the sky
When they battle the heavens burn to ashen colored nights
Dripping melted residue like dragon’s tears exacted
Roars follow flashes of deadly spells
Giving way to red twilight fires which paint autumn in winter skies
Sometimes the battles last for days
They do not seem to want to fight,
but threatened by some unknown mists,
must defend their nomadic tribe
On days when they are traveling peacefully
I almost welcome their presence
Watching as they gracefully morph on their way to wherever they go