Golden treasures


My simple black V-neck

Seems to attract your golden threads

Just friendly reminders of you

And so I value them as treasures

Appearing randomly in unexpected places

Like gems out of nowhere

You are an alchemist’s dream


pickles and flowers


you left just as your flowers began to wilt
luckily there was a bud yet to blossom
and a few petals more resilient to your leaving

the grocery store has the fresh pickles we like
you can pick them out by their vibrant green
unlike the ones that  were there from last week
which have gone to much, much like your bouquet

still I’m sure you’re happy, and so I am for you
having gone to see old friends for an escape
from this mundane daily oozing of time
as the river does in dry spells, carrying silt

though matter-of-factly we move along
and when you return, I promise, there will be fresh cut flowers
I will have eaten the pickles, no doubt, life’s not perfect
but we can again sit in our flowerbox apartment together
waiting out Winter’s slow yawn, for Spring’s life ahead

you were there


you were there
when I was sick and couldn’t lift my head
you were there
on the beaches in the Bahamas and Mexico
you were there
on my birthdays in the boonies
you were there
when St. Peter payed his visits
you were there
through my many unexplainable moods
you were there
despite the fear of my pursuit
you were there
braving socks on the floor and crusty feet
you were there
when I wake up early making noise
you were there
with open arms at the end of tiring days
as you always have been
and ’till the wheels fall off