my shadow haunts me, even at night
mirrored imperfections painted black
analogous movements in sync
evil is always lurking behind my back

kindred spirits are we, he and I
ill fated twins, never to be separated
while the sun will forever shine on me
his face to light would leave him decapitated

a lifetime he will follow me
and so it has to be
for the rest of my days
I will have a reminder of a darker me

so when at night I sit surrounded in black
where the menace hides in spreading territory
I will move closer to the light
like a moth in its own purgatory


spell bound


Too young to know to stay away
his interest peeked with this find
a dusty book of spells and prayers
the teenage boy began to read

upon gathering some ingredients
and practicing the unfamiliar words
the young man was elated
to see the incantation come to life

having now proved his mastery
in simple powers of the art
he flipped to pages of greater potency
and began his studies of the tome

his friends began to to wonder
and his kin barely saw him
the changeling to his former self
he became contorted with intoxicating wealth

in the quiet recesses of the forest
he practiced vocalizing foreign sounds
summoning beasts both natural and not
conjuring experiences far past his age

when the dark beings would speak to him
molding his immature and fickle brain
he thought they were empowering
instead of morphing their apprentice

then one day he was discovered
as the sorcerer in learning
a stranger stumbled upon this magic
becoming witness to this craft

accepting knowledge from the ravens
making dryads of old trees
he only knew to hide his secret
spouting evil enchantment
to dispatch another’s innocent soul

now the darkness had more than influence
it had enacted a forceful evil
enslaving the young apprentice
having exchanged leverage for his greed

then others came looking
for the first who had gone missing
and they too became one with legend
swallowed up by the darkened forest

the battle of the young man’s conscience
began to show in spite of his new power
choosing to recluse himself
into the recesses of the wood

there his mind became his enemy
and the power impotent to further harm the world
he disappeared into a cave they say
where he makes himself pay eternally for his sins

no longer do people wander alone in those woods
nor do they look for the boy or his victims
it’s a chapter closed for good
from the book of evil incantations

the one


a table is set, yet not one person is seated
the guests’ all are bickering who sits at the head
the words are harsh and the argument is heated
everyone thinking they deserve it instead
then in walks the master, with loud clicking hooves
all parting ways to make room for their king
from Judas to Brutus, Rasputin, Pol Pot, everybody moves
not knowing he was coming “we’re sorry” they sing
now the fight begins as to who’s at his right hand
baring their teeth and swinging clenched fists
“be quiet” he whispers this simple command
as they obey this sign with a flip of the wrist
he signals to the door captivating his cronies
in walk a hooded man, his face is well guarded
this man must be pure evil if they all felt like phonies
so as the man walked, the vermin all parted
after a moment of silence the questioning began
who are you? what are you? why was he chosen?
the room seemed to grow colder as he was seated
Satan raised his claw and all remained frozen
so all stared intently at he who left them defeated
“remember” the prince said “all that has past”
and they all struggled to recall what was done
when the hood was drawn back it left all aghast
it was the woman he had always called “the one”