a sword laid down


it has been long since the first time
I got up after speaking with you for a while
the casualties of the night lay around us
the remaining survivors were engrossed in their worlds
so when I asked if you were tired, you obliged
a simple question with so many pitfalls

now years later we have our own battles to fight
some not as fun as those simple arguments from at first
delving more into the essences of what we want from one another
taking a hard spoon to scrape for the remainder of tasty soul
we make sure we know that life is there in each other

each one of those nights we spend laying in armistice
and every battle cry fought together or against the other
all have brought me to the realization that there is proof
in the electricity you emit with every kiss, still so long after our first
allowing a proud warrior to be bested happily with honor