Lunch al fresco


Temperatures bring may to February
Which lead us to an impromptu lunch al fresco
Steak au Poivre shared at a table for two

Unseasonably short dresses pass
Sparking only conversation on the weather
We are both with the one we wont for

Midday hidden stars smile down next to a full moon
Tap water takes on a strange vintage
My head swims in your presence

What makes all of the uncommon happenings colored in sunlight
Is that this day will pass like any other
And the only memento we will carry with us
Is that you were there and so was I

Many more Indian summer spells will be cast
Holiday trips to sandy beaches between winter storms
All will come and pass, like the unnoticed sailing clouds
Which pull the drawstrings uniting us more firmly together


2 Responses to “Lunch al fresco”

  1. Fourth stanza = outstanding. 🙂

    Glad you passed that unexpectedly beautiful day well. Hope things are decent in your neck of the woods…

  2. Nice blog and beautiful write!

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