Rescue me


my wrists are bound in coarse hemp ropes

a burlap bag hangs uncomfortably about my face

the illusions of safety faltered quickly in those moments

pride left behind like a puddle of urine

my captors do not ask me questions

the walls do not answer my whimpers

only the skittering vermin take an interest in me

and how I wish they wouldn’t

only yesterday I saw the sun in bliss

blue sky tempered with shadow-yielding cirrus wisps

only yesterday I did nothing and basked in it

blue sky turned black eye of this night

as the bindings dig into formerly free skin

and the liberties once wasted whisper taunts in open ears

the yearning to be free ignites a fire within

only to be extinguished by the tears of captivity

promises made in hopes of release or salvation

promises worth the time they are offered to be executed

perhaps these promises will have time to take root

if these hands are ever freed to sow their pods

let there be hope that complacency does not catch me again

or that negativity block my safe passage ways

inaction is self flagellation of the soul to be avoided

fear of failure should be mocked reverently from outside of the cage

lest I find myself sequestered once again by the voices in my head


2 Responses to “Rescue me”

  1. Bryan Borland said

    Those voices are are muses and are captures, Vic. I’ve got them, too. Trade mine for yours for a while?

  2. Kara Douglas said

    Vic- I really like this piece. Wonderful diction and at the same time very thought provoking.

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