my shadow haunts me, even at night
mirrored imperfections painted black
analogous movements in sync
evil is always lurking behind my back

kindred spirits are we, he and I
ill fated twins, never to be separated
while the sun will forever shine on me
his face to light would leave him decapitated

a lifetime he will follow me
and so it has to be
for the rest of my days
I will have a reminder of a darker me

so when at night I sit surrounded in black
where the menace hides in spreading territory
I will move closer to the light
like a moth in its own purgatory


11 Responses to “doppelganger”

  1. Bryan Borland said

    “I will have a reminder of a darker me” – Fantastic. Any chance of convincing you to do an audio version of this? I think it would be very, very good.

    Have you thought about submitting this one anywhere?

    • Vic said

      I hate reading my own stuff. I stumble over the words, even though I know them. You can read it. I’ll listen. 🙂

  2. Annmarie said

    It is wonderful and you both should read it so the audience can listen for a how a voice changes a reading. And yes Bryan, Vic should submit it. But he should also check his e-mail for an acceptance that lies there, lonely in the spam folder, ignored and unappreciated, waiting for Mr. Writer Man to read it … JESUS!

  3. Everyone I met in New York last month is chilling on the comments to this one, so I ought to throw two cents in.

    “A moth in its own purgatory” = brilliant! Publish! Record!

  4. Bryan Borland said

    Posted my version of this poem! Hope you like it!

    • Vic said

      Bryan Borland, you have outdone yourself! Thank you so much for your reading! It means heaps to me, really! Thank you for your support.
      Annmarie, I look forward to hearing how it went at the Jersey reading.
      Joseph Harker, “brilliant! Publish! Record!” yourself! We’re on the edge, you jump first.

  5. Bryan Borland said

    Yeah so I even SPELLED doppelganger wrong in my post – but it’s all fixed now. I AM OFFICIALLY BANNING FURTHER USE OF THAT WORD!!

  6. okbobok said

    loved this one!

  7. Nina said

    I felt my shadow stir as I read this.

  8. Nina said

    Is the shadow our real self.

    This touches a nerve. Excellent work.

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