turn back time


an old song once told
never make a pretty woman your wife
but I knew better, even then
awkward in metamorphosis
time had showed me a clearer picture

raised in ideal circumstances
yet far from perfect, I understood
“happy” and “good for you” are relative
a nature vs. nurture battle royal
was fertile paradise for thought

momma never told me there’d be days like this
because she saw it in my eyes
that I already understood
she only offered a helping hand

now, a man years away from wet dreams
I still wish for regression
seeing tomorrow before it happens
sometimes makes me want to bend time

imperfect in all of my ways
I found her, accepting my open flaws
beauty of my childhood dreams
and yet, she doesn’t know it

with her, time has begun to let me catch up
life seems in the right place and epoch
I am whole and can begin to decompress
a Blessing every man should receive


2 Responses to “turn back time”

  1. Bryan Borland said

    Is there any surprise I completely dig the line, “a man years away from wet dreams.” I also really like how you’ve got a couple of song lyrics sewn into the poem (maybe more? Am I missing any?). I’m reading your stuff and thinking you need to pick five of the poems you’ve written lately and submit to Breadcrumb Scabs (including this poem). It’s a great journal that I think several of your pieces would be a good fit. There’s a link to them from my site.

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