American Sisyphus


Tasked to trek on
no matter at what costs
we face today

We are a people
searching for good governance
the oxymoron of mankind

Corrupting power and greed
leave the populous unrepresented
by their elected officials

We have been tasked to trek on
until finding the promised land
of a government for the people, by the people

No matter how many failed attempts
through Jim Crow or Bipartisan squalls
we have been tasked to trek on
until the heavy rock of power is well in place


5 Responses to “American Sisyphus”

  1. Viny said

    This means that the human spirit enshrined in perseverance will prevail against all odds. Great message and imagery.


  2. Bryan Borland said

    I had to do a double take because I thought you named this poem, “American Syphilis.” And you know, that might have worked, too, considering some of the “leaders” we’ve had. Not naming any names.

    This poem has a strong voice – it’s almost regal in its assessment of things. Very cool.

  3. The national and local elections are just winding up in my country. The poem finds relevance very close to home.

    The ‘American Syphilis’ cracks me up. 😉

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