the Orchid


What a flower I have found
high up in this tree
nestled where the moisture collects
the crook of an Amazonian tree limb
high above the ground

Most would weed away the lichen
exposing the naked Orchid
concentric circles of soft color
penetrating the chasm of the eye

I am happy to have found this rare specimen
flower among jungle flowers
in the most unexpected of places
will name it my own


3 Responses to “the Orchid”

  1. Beautiful words and images… I’m glad you left it where it was. 🙂 “Penetrating the chasm of the eye” = excellent.

    A secret: I’ve been working on a long-form poem for a little while involving orchids. You impel me to work on it some more.

    • Vic said

      JH, I look forward to seeing this opus magnus. Regarding your comment, ha, I thought I was subtle. Glad you picked up on it.

  2. fiveloaf said

    i like your description- shud have the specimen posted too!

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