the apothecary


My hair is still stuck in pillowform
almost three in the afternoon
life oozing like maple sap
bitter-sweet drooling before work
that cooks my time before taps
of bitters, ales and lagers
feigned care for more important things
that is where I find my friends
gathered around seemingly eternal springs

I will shower and my hair will settle
just as my life has, modestly
there will be a poof and strays
just as my life has, unimportantly
but it goes on and that matters

Tonight I will serve the public
lovingjoy and medicine for their ails
a moment’s repose from persistent fevers
that which life gives aboundingly to all
I will open the oasis to stragglers
looking for friends or distractions

For now, I waste away the morning
as evening beckons my craft
come all thirsty souls
let the yeast show us signs of good omens
and the hops be bearers of hope


4 Responses to “the apothecary”

  1. I am jealous of this life, I’ll have you know. 🙂

    Have you thought about publication lately, some kind of collection of your works? Selected Poems By, and all that? Some kind of… GORPus?

    (I’m done now, I promise.)

  2. wally426 said

    Friends can be found elsewhere, too… Like parks, bridges, gardens, and everywhere else but the &#$%ing Village. Come see for yourself, pillowhead

    • Vic said

      Oooohhh, you mean Brooklyn? Considering you pass through the Village every day, what’s a stop for an old friend? Thanks, Wally.

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