Knights without armor in a savage land


Clanging and huffing the beasts new we were coming
twenty-something-year-old men “sploring”
even if it is down the same well-worn path
they’d seen in all four seasons
it was a trip from the urban confines of their world

Stopping to take pictures beside large up-rooted trees
dwarfed by the contrast in the diametric size
this is a new marker in the trail to remember
like so many others along the path to their lean-to

The woods are superior stands as their motto
a group of friends who have bested and have been bested
but always bow to the power of Mother Nature
having never fended off bears or wolf packs
like they tell their friends who have never packed in

Two foot deep snows, bitter cold and miserable rains
those were some obstacles faced and
the biggest vermin to contend with were foraging chipmunks
stealing GORP like mosquitoes steal blood

But for the most part it was knife throwing and fire building
deep woods quiet and deep woods symphony
pine trees shook like maracas
as spruces rubbed together with violin vibrato
crickets and owls and then there was the fire

That would come later, as they marched two by two
gear tied to external packs swinging noisily
the excitement of even a day off concrete paths
grew like springtime flowers as they carried along
until they reached their campsite home


4 Responses to “Knights without armor in a savage land”

  1. From the title to the last word, it rings with memory and emotion in a most excellent way. Curious to know what GORP is, though. 🙂

    “The World According to GORP”? “Fall into the GORP”? Major GORPorations?

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