Standing on board
my leg was swept into the mix
the tied anchor now my slow defeat
an ankle caught, overboard
dying in the contentment of my labor

The icy waters surround me
a refreshing, breathtaking punch
to the laborious momentum of before

Now as fear and pain subside
and the darkness grows thicker
light deciding not to reach to these depths
new hope springs

As I give myself to the deep
a fresh placenta breaks
wetting a new being into existence
breaking the mold of a past life

Thinking quickly I unwrap my leg
a breath of air fills my lungs
an adaptation has occurred
transformation due to love

Love of life is my everlasting calling
life with gills or without
a chameleon for each environment
static life is that of prey

Now I’ll swim back on board
I’ll live among you with no worries
accepting your comments and ignorance
I was one of you once before

My friends will stay, tried and true
and others will point and stare
I survived and made it count
that’s why I won’t ever care


One Response to “Gills”

  1. Have you been watching The Piano? 🙂

    Whether or not you have, it’s a powerful metaphor that you explore perfectly here. No word out of place and no thought unattended to.

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