You’re not here yet
but I bought you flowers
they’re cut and set in water
arranged with love
the vase turned just right
so that you can see the best side

I got you these not for your reaction
as you can see, they were not presented
they are here to remind you of me
since I can’t always be here to tell you

I call upon the vibrant colors
to be the incantation of my love
from the dull Easter pastel purple/yellow tulips
that whisper in sleepy voices
to the tenacious Gerber daisies
that pursue you as they helped me to you
in very beginning of our story

You’ll thank me for them and call me sweet
but if I could fill the room with petals
so that when you opened the door
a wave of soft caresses would assault you
then you would know how I feel daily
lucky to be loved by a good woman


2 Responses to “reminders”

  1. wordwand said

    a strong poem, full of honest feelings ,well done.

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