love in jeopardy


I’ve not been up this high before
there is a net to catch me
all of the practice at one foot
could not prepare me for this
the first unsteady foot wobble
sends the static line into limbo
cold sweat and panic sprout
vertigo taking its toll on concentration
one step at a time
one foot in front of the other
in time, I will make it across
not all are as lucky
not all are brave enough to try
at least I have lived that much
my life, my tight rope, my love


3 Responses to “love in jeopardy”

  1. slpmartin said

    Very excellent imagery of love in this poem…so nicely delivered.

  2. wordwand said

    a lovely poem, nicely done.

    • Vic said

      Wordwand, thanks for your kind words. Please come again.
      Martin, as always, your support is greatly appreciated.

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