study of pain


from my account I had swallowed a chicken bone
one with shards poking footholds into my esophagus
it could not have been a fishbone, no too thin

at least my pride wouldn’t let it be true
a swollen tearduct had drifted down the wrong pipe
then lodging it’s bloated contents onto my windpipe
like a fertilized egg which would grow into evil

perhaps it was the championship fight I was in
I’m no boxer, but then explain the broken ribs
breaths are hard to pull as pain sticks to them
like they were basted waiting for a smoker

my voice defects every time I examine the specimen
cracking like the Petre dish of truth under the scope
the subject of heartache just doesn’t have the funding
so the good Lord found me to do a study


6 Responses to “study of pain”

  1. slpmartin said

    Ah..what a clever way to discuss heartache…really loved this verse…thanks!

  2. Bryan Borland said

    “I’m no boxer, but then explain the broken ribs”

    Excellent, start to finish, but that line is as good as a gin & tonic.

  3. It’s a curious mix of detachment and anguish, but I can’t tell if you’re on one side or the other…

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