bleed true


would it not be better if my blood could form words
that my brain fights to conjure onto the page
a pricked finger or at times and opened vein
releasing the tension of emotive pressure to be told
building the abstract obscurity of who and why we are
like Picassos and Dalis, where things are out of place
and the distance between lunacy and reality are measured
by the heart

Poignant words describe the view in the mirror
sometimes an anorexic reflection revealing half of me
if I could bleed my perception, perhaps it would be truth
a photograph of emotion, rather than this criminal sketch
coming from the eyes of a traumatized victim


3 Responses to “bleed true”

  1. Wonderful imagery here… you, sir, are in fine and prolific form lately! I don’t think you need to open any veins to spill these words out, you’re doing just fine with the traditional method.

  2. kseverny said

    i like it.
    Some cool thoughts here

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