Boys scattered


First day in Sixth grade
seems so far away now

One of you has a four-year-old
little girl almost as big as we were

One of you is married
a boy turned a Marine

First day in Sixth grade
seems so far away now

Little girl is growing up with Grandma
in the same courtyard we shot up with BB guns

Marine is now en route to Afghanistan
with a non-combative MOS

Sixth grade is a fixed point as we travel
our lives drifting through different waters

I hope one day we will sit together again
and recall just how far we’ve come from those boys

Grown men in our Sixties enjoying life
reminiscing on the same Sixth grade stories

Until then, travel safely my brothers
and always remember where home stays


6 Responses to “Boys scattered”

  1. wordwand said

    thanks for the poem

  2. slpmartin said

    You made me think of friends from those days when everything was carefree and fun…and real life was something we just heard about…a very touching poem…thank you!

    • Vic said

      Martin, a friend of mine just got deployed to Afghanistan and just shared a birthday celebration with a friend who’s little girl just turned 4. Makes a man think. Thanks for reading.

    • Vic said

      Martin, Thanks for your good wishes. I hope my fears are unwarranted.

  3. Bryan Borland said

    I am really feeling this vein you’re tapping into with this series of poems, Vic.

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