cardiac rest


like ivy it began to grow
going unnoticed at first
clinging to the red walls
burying roots into porous flesh

the microscopic filaments
of depression started to show
but now the vines were well entwined
and the cost of ripping them out
would erode the intramuscular walls
and the heart would give way entirely

experts and headshrinkers inspected
advising as professionals and of shaman lore
pronouncing ideological thesis on the solution
knowing full well that it lied within the heart itself

one day, not much like any other
it was both gray in the morning and shined by dusk
something magnificent happened
with only an audience of scampering chipmunks and
fluttering Spring wings of awe
the walls once covered began to disrobe

in the morning when the neighbors awoke
they noticed something was different
but could not quite place what it was
though did have enough to question what it was

the shroud of leaves left lying in decay
behind a row of bushes were hid
the fungus that had once installed itself
thwarted and forgotten for all
but to the wall, who rejoiced in new life


2 Responses to “cardiac rest”

  1. slpmartin said

    Excellent poem…having been forced to study anatomy in college…I just loved how you used the terminology.

    • Vic said

      Thanks, Martin. I’m feeling a bit better these days, so it needed to be put to words. Thanks for the support.

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