Snow day


So I was right
to those who mocked me
dubbed me Peter Rabbit
shaking fingers at my state of mind
Now look!

The sky is falling!

There is cloud cover everywhere
covering branches
which then snap and fall on people
the ground is covered
deeper than children in some places

We must not have gotten to cloud 9
only the first layers of wretched astral planes
the ones we can easily see
and have passed through in planes

Funny enough it creates turbulence down here too.

Made of cold water, this is no paradise
freezing toes match my disposition
impotent and lame, I succumb to fate
et tu Blue sky? Then fall away


4 Responses to “Snow day”

  1. slpmartin said

    As I sit here on an day with a temp of 70+ F…I recall those wonderful days (not) when I lived in places where it snowed…and when I reached your last line….I laugh out loud…THANKS!

  2. I feel you. This winter has been horrible in Chicago.

    And I too love the last line! Very clever.

  3. Yes, the last line is a doozy. The rest of them are pretty clever too. 😉

    I heard you guys got the brunt of it this time around. I could say haw-haw, but I would be happy to thieve a bit of your cloud cover away to spread over my town…

    • Vic said

      Thank you guys for the continued support while I go through a little writer’s block.

      Joseph: This is the “snowiest month” on record. Snowpocolypse.
      SocrAtes: Thanks for the kind words.
      Martin: I’m glad you were amused by my stupidity.

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