Extra avocado and mine was double meat


When the drag queen almost lost control of her testosterone
you said I was the one to blame, even if I was only purchasing sandwiches
I couldn’t help the register being in front of the door
any more than I could I help laughing when the missing link
between RuPaul and Paul Newman found me in the way

But it was not my fault
there off of Christopher Street and Bleecker
the gay zenith of the Eastern Seaboard
and me an oily Guinea boy from Queens
I hadn’t crossed the PATH train tracks yet
and my hot Soppressata was already in trouble

Baby if it wasn’t an overweight troglodyte in lipstick
and maybe if I had done something to insight the
by my face, other than buying us lunch
in the wrong place at the wrong time
then I would accept that you love gay men unconditionally
even holding me at fault for taking people each as individuals

But this time I needed your back
and I’m sure any one of our friends, straight or not
would have been accosted just the same
because no amount of make up
can mend a broken soul


7 Responses to “Extra avocado and mine was double meat”

  1. slpmartin said

    You present an excellent story within your poem and I love the last two lines…nice twist on the story.

  2. Love this for more reasons than I can list here. ^_^

    Oh, Christopher and Bleecker… my lost homeland.

  3. Jeremy said

    These posts are great, Vic. I dig the music in this line: “I hadn’t crossed the PATH train tracks yet; And my hot Soppressata…” Great internal rhymes: “Hadn’t…Path…tacks,” “hot..ssat”.

    How do you feel about being a poet?

  4. Bryan Borland said

    VIC!!!! You’ve channelled something here! Love it!!!! Another poem I’m going to tweet!

    • Vic said

      Bryan- Thanks for the support. Like I wrote in my submission email, this was one of two thoughts that came with your “fag/hag” theme. I’m glad you like it.
      Jeremy- Thanks for reading. Let me know when you’ll be back in the city again.
      Joseph- I’m happy that you liked it. If you do stop by this “zenith”, I’ll come meet you as I don’t live far from there.

  5. Ms. Thang said

    I look forward to reading more of your poetry.

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