I tried the “guns blazing” approach
and you were ready
behind thick walls and ramparts
my strategy needed revision

Unarmed and carrying only fresh cut blossoms
I returned to your castle doors
begging on bended knee to be let in
and after months of groveling
the draw bridge slowly lowered

It took many more months to gain your trust
afterall, you remembered me
emblazoned upon the federal wanted posters
an unshaven nomadic bandito rogue

Eventually, Winter turned to Spring
and smiles bloomed where icicles once hung
I waited for the fruits of June ripen before I made my move
and by then I was welcomed and invited

Now I sit and sup from the nectar of life
protected myself behind your grand walls
in our own fertile paradise
wallowing in the splendor of your garden


3 Responses to “infiltrated”

  1. jackspoems said

    I love this poem – full of truth.

  2. Gemma said

    Love the ambiguity of the title! This infiltrated seems to be a two way street, but only one line of traffic needs to compromise! And the last line…your garden but not ours! Interesting difference!

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