it is crazy how man and mind can fight
like in any relationship, a little booze can hurt
coming home late stinking of Bourbon
and then crawling into bed
no wonder the power switch was off
and is telling me to flip the circuit breaker
at almost noon the jolt came through
I should have been up for longer

Now my mind has taken on a fight
pounding the inner skeletal skull’s lace
fearing another night of self indulgence
and the weekend coming up soon
Bourbon will be my friend again
and will distance my self from self
once again having Manhattans on the namesake


8 Responses to “brainswell”

  1. slpmartin said

    I enjoyed this reminded me of one of my own poems on a similiar topic…I should post it someday…thanks.

    • Vic said

      Thank you for reading my humble words and then leaving a trail back to your blog. Very enjoyable.

      Thank you for comment as well.

  2. jackspoems said

    Great poem, great site. Now I’ve found you I shall look in often!

  3. Never having had alcohol, I can’t really relate to this very well, but from what I understand, this captures the essence of a boozy night well. Especially enjoyed the pun of the last line. 🙂

  4. People shouldn’t drink too much. It makes them boring.

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