pushing buttons


sensibilities are hard to see through or into
like New Hampshire’s White Mountain valley mists
which brings chaos to peaceful Spruce lined roads
hiding ice patches from drivers, causing crashes
or concealing lovers from neighboring windows
some find both offensive with their screams

not the Wolf or the Owl, nor the Spruce or the Hemlock
they hide what offends them poorly
fog induced screams and human
poppycock are not among their concerns

the Owl cries when the Wolf snatches her fallen prey
Spruce’s veins flush red at Winter’s huffing
huffing, which makes the Hemlock delight with company
of snow hugged branches and it’s quieting peace
Wolf only cries for food, which lumps him with the Spruce and Owl
who will leave car crashes and human lovers to their howls


One Response to “pushing buttons”

  1. excellant writing. I’m glad I found this blog of yours. Very enjoyable.

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