Ode to last week’s flowers


They would be bare, no doubt
after a week in bloom, exciting the room
and then a long weekend unattended, unappreciated
their petals would have plunged to their deaths
forsaken lovers self-propelled off incalculable cliffs
felt forgotten and afflicted with broken hearts

We returned to find them waiting
on their widows walks high above the table
looking sad and drooping, but still in color
they were waiting to die with pride for us
emitting final fragrances, stems still strong
that is how it will be remembered

This morning final breaths left puffed out chests
pride now following the spirit, no longer inhabiting their bodies
some now lost their petals and some sagged sadly
the Tulips stand erect with crispy crimson crowns
all stamen, stems and petals caught in rigor mortis
only a few Tiger Lillis survive among the dead
keeping the bastion of beauty of last week


5 Responses to “Ode to last week’s flowers”

  1. Ohhh maahhh Loorrdd.

    Love this. Absolute ecstasy about such a simple subject. I notice quite a bit of alliteration going on here too which gives it a nice rhythm… this is exquisite.

    • Vic said

      Joseph, I’m truly flattered that you would have such a reaction to something I’ve written. Earnestly, thank you for your kind praise.

  2. Bryan Borland said

    Joseph always beats me to it, but I’m in complete agreement. This is sophisticated, publication-worthy, well crafted, and beautiful. I love it. Move this into your top three. Maybe top two. Quite possibly number one.

  3. Bryan Borland said

    I’m going to tweet a link to this.

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