Gwapin man


I am not black
I am not white
no color choose I
nor other racially partial hues
I am one human
I am one man
no other race to placate or amuse

If you must press on
and are not yet satisfied
then I will speak in kind
to your made-up words

Made from dim-lum-rum
in a Kaas-bin-kip
my parents gave me gwapin features
That should answer your questions
and should quell your fears
otherwise, you must find new teachers


One Response to “Gwapin man”

  1. Tel said

    I like the spirit and message of this, but there are many words I do not understand, and maybe that’s the point. What does race matter? It’s only man-made after all, just like boundaries. And boundaries, I think, were meant to be pushed. 🙂 Very nice.

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