there are different layers covering my first coat
sometimes life reveals an under coating
through a chip showing yester-years
I wonder how many paint jobs I’ve had
growing fatter with time, administering a new coat
I remember when I was red
I’m trying to forget when I was black
today I try to be green, but
fade quickly to beige and lack luster
maybe time will have me a livelier color
but for now I
do not choose my colors.

Weekend Wordsmith prompt: Paint.


7 Responses to “layers”

  1. kseverny said

    really thoughtful.
    cool poem

  2. You should try tie-dye. Very lively. ^_^

  3. Bryan Borland said

    I got in trouble once when I was a kid, and I used a permanent marker to color my Superman action figure black (this was around the time Superman “died” in the comics and he came back wearing black tights instead of blue and red). My mom yelled at me that I would regret it. Sure enough, years later, there I was trying to scrape the paint off.

    Cool concept & solid execution. I think orange is your color. To most folks I say leave orange to traffic cones and pumpkins, but you could pull it off.

  4. swapna said

    I loved the way you have done the layers here, it did take me within the layers of each colors you mentioned. Nice write.

  5. Vic said

    Joseph: if you think my colors are uniform, you are mistaken.
    Bryan: I appreciate your confidence in my orangability , but being one color too much makes for a dull existence.
    Swapna: Thank you for being kind.

  6. Gemma said

    Layered colours and layered meanings! A little like the sphinx spilling out riddles, but always a smiling, with a wink of the eye! Delightful!

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