unusual beast


I realize as I sit unshaven and unbathed
where life would be in your absence
gone only a day and the mutation has begun
and the antidote still too far in space and time
when you return it may be too late
for I am not sure that it is reversible
once it has fully gone its course
so please do not be surprised
and love me as you do your other pets
with proper maintenance and care
otherwise, I will surely find myself on a menu
at a local disreputable restaurant


6 Responses to “unusual beast”

  1. This is cute. Really, really cute. 🙂

    Geez, I’m away from the poetry sites for a day and a half, and you post six while my back is turned! I’ll get to the others slowly but surely…

    • Vic said

      What can I say, Joseph? I’m unemployed and the love of my life has taken a small respite from my beastliness. I just wanted to express how much I miss her in a common way. Don’t worry about the other crap I’ve written. I do appreciate your continued support.

      I want you to know, though I don’t always comment, I do stop by to see what you’ve put together. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that you’re one of my favorite modern poet bloggers, nowadays. If not, let it be known.

  2. it echoes said

    Nice site. Enjoyed your poems, especially this one (evocative & funny) and the one about New York.

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