fishing and skating


The auger had made short work of the ice
old holes redrilled and baited with spring-propped flags
it was going to be another day at the lake
then the neighbor showed up
and we had more than just the tall boys for entertainment
the father had a bobcat tractor equipped with plow
we laughed at the prospected project
an ice skating rink for his family
slowly, he cleared icy strip by icy strip
a second job on a Friday afternoon

The next day he showed up again to continue work
our chuckles turned to admiration
in the cold which we were bundled for
made him steam from working
made him steam like the water he brought out
one bucket at a time he poured onto the boiled water
a liquid iron to the ruffled tuxedo shirt
this smoothed out the ripples of the frozen lake

Sunday came and our fishing was done
from between trees like seen through curtains
a touching picture came into view
the neighbor’s child was now with him
on the mirrored surface he had created
a father’s work culminated in this moment
we were happy to watch from the warm cabin
eating the catch of our own frozen times



One Response to “fishing and skating”

  1. Gemma said

    Love the flow of seasonal experience through fishing and skating! Especially love the drift of enigmatic cameo images along the way culminating in the powerful last line tinged with a whisper of irony! Beautiful!

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