West Village walk


Toasted brownie sidewalk tops
braised by growing living trees
negative nearby living detritus
NYU naivete hatchlings in sight
favored preying grounds of yore
“smoke, smoke smoke”
or “would ‘buddy’ like a friend”
giving way to lost movie frames
like GhostBusters or Spike Lee films
never fostering more reverence
on Mulberry Street or 42nd Street
than in the little roaming romance
on any quiet boulevard in Queens
false identity and fake ID
only look alive or be recognized
following the path of those in search of
the Fountain of Youth
no more do we spy everlasting life
than our age be ever sapped
but fair enough, let us play the game
never having won
enough we win in these tremulous times
always having fun
the course terrain is never scary
given all that we have gained
furtive efforts and slanderous queries
always in the past
sights set forward and
feet now higher
in these pathways worn aghast


One Response to “West Village walk”

  1. Yep, sounds about right to me. 🙂

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