Night on Charles


The yellowish lamplight illuminates a studio apartment
microwaved left overs and fresh cut salad
DVDs of old episodes waiting to be watched
Charles streets sounds mingle with the shower splashes
after we’ve washed up, we’ll eat and settle in
talk of travel and friends in far away places
until the covers have been brought up to my beardless face
and stories of TV dramas lull my brain to shut off
another day gone by in the winter-engulfed big city
waiting for a new dawn to prep a new dusk
shining the ever-lemon colored light through drafty windows
of pre-war constructions in forgotten side streets
in a neighborhood which could just as well be a maze


2 Responses to “Night on Charles”

  1. Ughh, I was in the Village only a week ago and you’re already making me miss it! 😛 Beautiful descriptions, though… you do it more than justice.

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