tea leaves in Miami sunsets


as though through colored celophane
the sun in Miami was muted with your absence
it was beautiful and spicy saffron flavored
even when it rained, it invited us to play outside
making giggling little puddles flirt with us
but my favorite playmate was missing

I laughed and sang along to the city’s songs
old friends untied memories laced with dusty heartstrings
it felt good to revisit that old shoebox for a while

my soul would have enjoyed it too, if it was there
instead, he sat with his head between his paws on your lap
basking in the warmth of the smokey blue fire of your eyes

while the sun blew us Equatorial kisses from the horizon
dancing in a Southern Aurora Borealis over the sea
it read like tea leaves auguring in favorable tomorrows
where you and I are wrapped in the same tropical splendor
through New York’s chill, we’ll enjoy one another’s sultry sway


4 Responses to “tea leaves in Miami sunsets”

  1. Glad to see you back. 🙂

    Beautiful language veneering a bittersweet feeling here… I quite approve! (“equatorial kisses” especially)

    • Vic said

      Thank you, Joseph. I had just gotten back from a trip in Miami and this was the obvious alien out from my stomach.

  2. elaine mitchell said

    this poem had so many lovely images and such a forlorn feeling…and what a lovely image of your soul!

    • Vic said

      Elaine, thank you for your comment. The forlorn feeling was at least muted by the company of good friends and beautiful scenery. Truly an example of bitter-sweet. I appreciate you reading my humble words.

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