suckling pig


Beer and butter elevated his cholesterol
masturbation in moderation made him quick in bed
traveling and big city life afforded him a chip on his shoulder
and someone told him he was doing it all wrong

everything in moderation they imparted onto him
but mitigating his appetite limited his ambition
perhaps there is something in wont for opulence
corporal and fiscal obesity can be likened to broad swords
the bigger they are the less they are confronted

wallowing in the spoils of fruit pulled from his dreams
he let his friends join in the pressing of this wine
then they too grew comfortable with gluttony
and forgot the woes of yore by drinking it all in

they were not fed by mother ambition
only given the regurgitated cud spit out
and when this fountain dried up or got fed up
back to where they came they grumbled

angry now with mediocrity of peasant life
they complained about their greed and misguided friend
when the true source for the groveling now
is the under nurtured imp of their ambition


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