Pillow Pervert


he came in the night
while everyone slept
arousing no suspicion
he went right to his craft
the only remnants of his visit
where the body’s naked remains
there’s no telling why he does it
or clues to who he may be
only exposed stuffed and stained cushions
with their skirts lifted to show prodding down pricks
hope he doesn’t strike your bed tonight
taking away the covers while you drool


7 Responses to “Pillow Pervert”

  1. Dang, man, Halloween is over, I thought we’d left the unsettling stuff behind… šŸ˜› Which doesn’t mean it’s not written well; the body/cushion thing especially. It just wigs me out.

    • Vic said

      Hahaha, I just took something my girlfriend called me and ran with it. For whatever reason the pillows are always “naked” when I wake up. Who knows? Totally not “creepy”, just funny. Thanks Joseph.

  2. kacoldwell said

    Is the “a arousing” part a typo? It’s the only thing that snagged me. Otherwise, I liked it.

    Also, how where did you get that nifty little rating widget?

    • Vic said

      Swapna, Thanks!
      Kyle, Thanks for the proof read. It was a type-o. Appreciate your comments. The widget is in the tools or settings section.

  3. swapna said

    Pillow Villain…nice one Vic.

  4. Bryan Borland said

    I’m guessing the first line (how it could stand alone, perverted-like…) is not an accident? šŸ™‚

    • Vic said

      stand alone… no pun intended, huh? Thanks for your comment Bryan. I enjoyed writing this one, rife with the double entendres.

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